About us

ICT firmly believes in the power of education as the most effective tool to eradicate poverty and social disorder. That is why we strive to provide the necessary support for all individuals to fulfil their potential.

By delivering and promoting crucial first-aid support, health-care, welfare, education, sports and cultural activities, we are committing to a vision of society where everyone can flourish and prosper.

Community welfare, integration and kindness are at the core of all our efforts, as well as the value of cultural preservation and transmission for all future generations.

ICT is directed by Mrs. Aarti Lohia, whose dedicated work with the most inspiring and effective charitable organisations, grassroot communities and individuals active in India, continues to reach out to the most disadvantaged and most promising young women and men alike, providing solutions, opportunities and hope for a fairer world for everyone.

  • Women Health & Education

    Fostering essential health care and education through a variety of programs focused on women and young girls.

  • Health

    Sustaining treatment for cancer patients and women’s health; Developing and mobilizing general health camps and specific cataract eye camps; Creating health and hygiene awareness and prevention among children, the youth, and the elderly.

  • Art

    Creating programs to preserve and document the cultural and artistic heritage of our country.

  • Sports

    ICT Sports Sponsorship: Launching Soon.